A pure Takayama Machiya-style building built in the Taisho period. The tatami mats and rooms retain the architectural style of Hida Takumi, and fine materials are used to create delicate techniques in every corner. Although it is located in the center of town, it is a building that miraculously survived thanks to its back streets and the fact that it has been loved and used by citizens for a long time as a ryokan.


  • A large beam jumps into your eyes as you pass through the carefully maintained dirt floor. Armor welcomes guests.

    If you sit on the edge of the hearth, you will feel like the hero of a historical drama. Please relax.


  • A small garden facing the Miyagawa River. Wild birds can also be seen from time to time.

2F Lobby

  • You can relax while looking at precious works of art and antiques.


  • A bath by the river. You can lock it and use it as a family bath.